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IDC Sites, SmartOutline 2005 Embodies Powerful Information Management Tools that should not be Confused with Microsoft OneNote 2003.


ATLANTA, GA - Tuesday March 1, 2005. On January 17, 2005, Innovative Drafting Concepts released SmartOutline 2005, a unique information management software application, for early adopters and analysts to review. After a few short weeks, we unexpectedly captured solid business level sales and straight-forward feedback from interested parties and media. We received many reviews that would make any software publisher blush, but most alarmingly, we acquired reviews that tightly compared SmartOutline 2005 to Microsoft OneNote 2003. Founder and chief software architect Leonard Gambrell said, It may be flattering to be assessed as an alternative or even better than Microsoft One Note, but it is definitely not an accurate comparison and this misinterpretation will surely mislead potential customers. He continued by stating, Although SmartOutline 2005 has tabbed note-taking capability, it should be regarded as a flexible, structured information management application and not just note-taking software.

SmartOutline 2005 embodies the nucleus of personal and business computing, information management. It is designed to enable individuals and teams to efficiently capture, and share ideas and plans with easy links to relevant information. It leaves behind the old concept that tools such as treepads, note-takers and personal information managers must provide a single set of tools for an end-user. In our design requirements, all SmartOutline editions must fully support the ideas, imagination and most importantly the information management needs of various users. Whether it is note-taking, business forms, drawings, or exporting to various formats and solutions; it must be dependable, adaptable and cost effective. SmartOutline has the ability to manage various types of information and to expand to meet the goals of any business user.

SmartOutline 2005 further separates itself from tools such as Microsoft OneNote 2003 with how it handles data behind the scene. While tools with free-form input are trendy, their data is stored in a proprietary format within the native file and therefore demotes the reuse of the information. Exporting from these tools are typically in the control of the original software publisher. This demotion of data reuse prevents other developers from creating fluent solutions based on the previous information input and thus limiting the end-users experience. SmartOutline stores its information in a "Grid" type format. This "Grid" format promotes data reuse that opens development opportunity for expandability and increases ROI. Also, the SmartOutline "Grid" format allows developers to create export solutions without prior knowledge of the input format. Consequently, this correlation creates an X to X relationship between workspace input and export solutions. Although a behind the scene technology by design, this bond translates into benefits for end-users and grants them more final solution options.

SmartOutline is formulating open-thinking and creating a trend that is forging a new category. In a review of SmartOutline, Mike Gunderloy, editor of ADT's Developer Central, said, Everyone needs a place to store unstructured information. SmartOutline 2005 aims to shake up the market with a flexible .NET plugin-based architecture." This flexibility opens the door to limitless business solutions that IT professionals need and must acquire fast. Explorer-style information managers are making their way to the forefront as tools of choice for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. To date, customers and analyst agree that SmartOutline yields the best capabilities, opportunities and business solutions to lead this new movement.


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Innovative Drafting Concepts

Founder, Chief Software Architect
Leonard Gambrell
Atlanta, Georgia 
(770) 732-8987

Media Contact
Lamar Gambrell
Atlanta, Georgia 
(770) 732-8987


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