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SmartOutline Testimonials

Featured Testimonial
Professional Situation:
  • I am a Project Manager for 20+ consulting projects and a larger number of consultants - all managed remotely thru telecommunications and travel.
  • My responsibilities vary:  Project delivery & performance, Contracts, Personnel, Time Reporting, Tracking & Billing, Client Satisfaction, Recruiting, Business Growth, Profitability, etc.

Information Needs:

  • Current snapshot of overall Action Items and Milestones (Usually 50+) - along with more detailed status, schedules, notes, checklists. etc. regarding each item.
  • Central index of a large variety of electronic documents - historical as well as in progress;  my own as well as shared with others.  Many documents need to be related to other documents as well as to projects and actions.
  • Quickly accessible history of activities, communications, etc.
  • Listing of a variety of descriptive parameters regarding each project:  funding, contracts, status & progress, stakeholders & personnel, objectives, issues, related documents, etc.

Past Efforts: 

  • I have tried a variety of spreadsheets, homegrown databases, commercial PIM's, MS Project and Outlook.  Also several note tree tools.
  • All were too simple, rigid, restrictive or inflexible or required too much effort in organizing, finding and retrieving information.


  • I started using SmartOutline a little more than a week before writing this.  It's intuitive interface helped me implement or figure out how to solve most of my above needs using the Outline coupled with Notes, Links, Folders and Checklists.  This appears to be a very small portion of the tool's real potential that includes Forms, Stickies, Drawings, Add-Ins as well as web capabilities - most of which I have not had time to explore.
  • An interesting side note is that I'm finding that I need real discipline to balance getting my work done against playing with SmartOutline to find other ways in which it can be useful.  I'm also considering teaching myself web development in order to explore the form advantages.
  • All in all, a young but very well thought-out and executed product with a huge amount of potential.

Al Covington, CDP, CPM
Program Manager
Keane Federal Systems, Inc.


More Valued Customer Testimonials
I found SmartOutline to be very easy to use. As an instructor, I used it to manage lesson plans. It was very easy to simply just place lessons directly into the note pad and then relate other meaningful items to it. Even though I've only used it for short time, the ease of use is why I purchased it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Sheryl B. - Teacher
SmartOutline is essential to the timely development and launch of my team's application. We utilize the "TODO" features to capture and prioritize requirements. Each requirement category has its own todo list, so delegating the work responsibility is a breeze. Each task is prioritized and marked in list. As the developers complete their tasks, they update the outline. As the lead on the project, I can tell at a glance our progress for each release cycle.

Documenting is also handled inside of the same outline. We link any design and external documents along with the project's help system to create a project repository that is portable and comprehensive. The outline format just naturally organizes and displays this project into a way that makes sense.

Lee Griffin - Senior Programmer

I looked everywhere for a tool like SmartOutline. I stumbled across these guys after a few searches on yahoo. I had questions that were answered very quickly. It was almost like someone read my mind and created SmartOutline. I needed it to manage my clients sports playbooks. Our client used the HTML forms to create a video rating pad. Our clients were able to click from item to item and review different video clips of the football plays. We plan to create a tighter partnership with the folks at

Mark D. - Playbook Sports - Coordinator
  At first I thought this software to be just another old tree-pad. I was definitely wrong. SmartOutline 2005 has taken the concept of tree-pad to another level.

Allen S.
This is Satej from University of Maryland. I spoke to you 2 days back. We are using your software to share information on a research project within our research group. We are super enthusiastic about using your product.

Satej C. - University of Maryland - Student
My husband and I manage hundreds of billboard advertisements. We previously used a database to track things, but we need more flexibility to append field issues and schedule "tear downs". We use it daily.

Susan, Mark  B. - Clear Channel - Sub Contractors
SmartOutline is like having about 20 applications in one. I was able to use various HTML forms to handle just about all of the needs of my construction business. I tracked concrete pours, labor contractor conversations. This tool is a good find for my business. Thanks

Jim Reid - Halvert Concrete - Owner
We placed all project information and later generated a client access site and project documentation. Both in minutes using Info Portal and Help file builder they have. These folks are really putting their all in this brilliant application.

David S - xCode - Sr. Programmer

I trade daily for a living. I used to keep all of my research in a word document. After I saw what a friend could do with his project management task using SmartOutline, I had to try it to see if it would work for my stock research. It worked like clock work.

I can quickly access my stock research, watches, news and analysis without scrubbing through a linear document. It just makes good sense!

I'd like to tell everyone to try it.


Anonymous - Stock Trader


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