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Work, share and secure your outline information.  
Keep everyone on the same page. Create and share team wide information in one outline document.

SmartOutline is built for smart serious information management
Anyone can immediately put SmartOutline to work. Easily add notes, HTML forms, web based research information and even leave your notes directly on the web pages you visit. Your team can now share structured information that is easier to access and secure. 

Never worry about outgrowing SmartOutline
All editions of SmartOutline are 100% extensible. This means you can add, subtract or modify SmartOutline's applications or add your own via third party vendors. Even if you are not very computer savvy, you can still extend SmartOutline by using the HTML Forms application which has no application limits.


Build your outline to store, organize and manage information


From the outline to anything...
With SmartOutline your information is never locked into proprietary formats. The illustration above shows an outline created to organize real-estate management task. The items on the left represent mini applications that provide specific tasks to suit your needs. You can use SmartOutline to organize and store all sorts of data.



Secure your data
SmartOutline Professional Edition allows you to secure items on the outline or the entire outline document with user name and password. You can even add additional security by allowing information to be accessed by a specific computer.


Want more from SmartOutline? Add-ins are available.
Be advised that
SmartOutline is not another closed application with limited features. It has the flexibility to allow third-party vendors to quickly add new functionality in a snap. This add-in potential translates into a bounty of solutions and possibilities. Available Add-ins.


Common benefits available within all editions.
SmartOutline can help you get more out of meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, phone conferences, and classes—just about anywhere you work with ideas and notes. All SmartOutline editions offer new features that dramatically increase your productivity and provide unprecedented flexibility including HTML Forms, Web page mark-up, pluggable add-ins, custom extensions, and X
to X Add-in to data format exporting.


Fast & Easy to Use
SmartOutline lets you quickly and easily create full-featured outline data structures that may be used in various ways:
   • Create an idea vault
   • Link to resources on the web: graphics, multimedia or sounds
   • Use HTML pages locally or on the internet as data storage templates New
   • Export to multiple file formats including many Microsoft Office Formats


Easy to Author
Click the outline item you want to add to your outline and you are ready to go. Rename, sort or cut/copy and paste items within the outline document and work seamlessly with other applications, i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.
Add-ins Means More Power
Take your SmartOutline edition to the next level with professionally built add-ins that reuse your outline data by converting it to other formats and solutions. Learn More
Maximum Versatility
SmartOutline has multiple applications that you can mix and match to create infinite storage and organizational structures. Share your entire outline document or 'Save a Mini Outline'.


Leverage Existing Content
Import your existing files into the outline and link to other content with the drag-and-drop features.
Improve Usability
Provide complete, easy-to-access tree-like structures that improve the usability of your information.
Risk-Free Guarantee
SmartOutline is completely risk free. It is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
Increase Your Productivity with Extra Utilities
As SmartOutline ages, add-in flexibility will increase your productivity as more add-ins are available for your specific industry. You can even create add-ins yourself.
Reuse your notes more easily
Use your notes as the basis for other work—such as presentations, memos, papers, or speeches. After using SmartOutline to gather information, you can organize it into an outline or easily reuse it in Microsoft Office Word documents or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentations.
Work together more effectively
Share information more effectively with team members. Teams can e-mail outlines after meetings, combine SmartOutline with a digital projector to create a real-time whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, or create a team notebook on a file share or site.
Deploy and manage easily
Use SmartOutline throughout your organization or enterprise. SmartOutline includes the advanced deployment technologies included, making SmartOutline easy to deploy and manage.




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